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conversation heart pots de creme

conversation heart pots de creme // Glazed & Confused

How fitting is it that Friday the 13th falls the day before Valentine's Day this year? Hell yeah, morbidity!

Just in case your day goes to shit  and your boyfriend dumps you, I've got you covered. (That's what internet friends are for, right?) 

conversation heart pots de creme // Glazed & Confused
conversation heart pots de creme // Glazed & Confused
conversation heart whipped cream // Glazed & Confused

Pots de creme are my absolute favorite desserts. They are so so so simple to make and, let's face it, there are very few things as satisfying as digging into a rich, creamy, personal-sized custard. I've made them plenty of times before, but I wanted to keep it extra-indulgent (because #loveyoself) this time around, so I added in a little too much white chocolate and vanilla bean. Can you say, best mistake ever? 

Conversation hearts, on the other hand..... not my favorite. I often consider them the culinary equivalent of a stick of chalk. But really, they're just too damn cute not to make their way into my pantry every Valentine's Day. To make them more palatable, I ground them in a food processor and infused some heavy cream with the powdery dust. A pinch of salt, a good helping of vanilla, and a quick whip with the help of my stand mixer = the least Pepto Bismol-y, fluffiest conversation heart whipped cream to ever exist! I could bathe in this stuff. 

conversation heart pots de creme // Glazed & Confused

The recipe for these bad boys is up on west elm's Front + Main blog today! Check it out here!

flourless red velvet marble cake

flourless red velvet marble cake // Glazed & Confused

Real talk: Valentine’s Day without red velvet is like a Super Bowl without Beyonce — there’s just something missing.

flourless red velvet marble cake // Glazed & Confused
flourless red velvet marble cake // Glazed & Confused

This year, I decided to put my own spin on one of America’s most beloved desserts: the red velvet cake. ....and flourless chocolate cake. aaaaaaand marble cake too! 

By now, you should know how much I love flipping and combining traditional recipes to create something extra special. This comes with a price, mainly in the form of dozens of "ew" comments on my Instagram. Oh, and how could we forget the time people blamed me for singlehandedly ruining Mardi Gras by making King Cake Fries. The DRAMA! 

It's okay though, because the joke's on them. I get to evil laugh it off and you know, eat the delicious thing I've made. #Sorrynotsorry, because this cake is the greatest, fudgiest, and cream cheesiest thing to ever happen to Valentine's Day.

Keep on hating, because I will gladly grab another slice! 

flourless red velvet marble cake // Glazed & Confused

Flourless Red Velvet Marble Cake 

Check out the recipe on West Elm's Front + Main blog! You'll be able to shop the dinnerware used in these photos + check out my previous posts with them, too! Happy Friday! 

candied rose & crushed pistachio brownies

candied rose & pistachio fudge brownies perfect for Valentine's Day // Glazed & Confused

We're three weeks away from Valentine's Day! For those of you who know me pretty well, you'd probably think that I absolutely hate Valentine's Day. At this point, I've convinced myself that I'm probably going to be eternally single and die alone; but really, any holiday that revolves around the consumption of sugar is a great one in my eyes.    

Valentine's Day has always been one of my favorites. One of my absolute favorite memories of elementary school was coming home from school with a huge box full of candy and valentines every year. Seriously, why did we stop doing that after like 5th grade? Okay, yeah, maybe that would've been a little discomforting at my all-boys high school but damn, sometimes a boy just wants some chocolate. Can we please bring that back? Sure I'm a senior in college, but who wouldn't want to receive One Direction valentines (WITH STICKERS!!!!), candy, and some freshly baked brownies? Nobody. 

candied rose + pistachio brownies // Glazed & Confused // #mywestelm
candied rose + pistachio brownies // Glazed & Confused // #mywestelmcandied rose + pistachio brownies // Glazed & Confused // #mywestelm

Over the past few years, I've always made an effort to do something fun on Valentine's Day. Usually, this just means going to dinner with a few of my friends and then gorging on way too much chocolate because you know, it's always nice to forget about your loneliness by stuffing your face with fifteen mini Reese's hearts! 

This year, I teamed up with my friends at West Elm to create three different Valentine's Day recipes for you to make for your boyfriend, girlfriend, best friend, ...yourself. Make sure to tune back in the next two Fridays for some delicious recipes!

candied rose + pistachio brownies // Glazed & Confused // #mywestelm

It’s undeniable — Valentine’s Day is synonymous with roses and chocolate. Though the two are often gifted together, most people aren’t eating their roses.

To prove your love in the best way possible (i.e., food), whip up a batch of these sinfully fudgy brownies, topped with chocolate ganache, crushed pistachios, and candied roses. 

I find that the thought of eating flowers usually sends people into a bit of a panic. Rest assured: yes, roses are edible. And no, you will not die. For this recipe, please use organic roses — pesticides and other chemicals are not very romantic, in my opinion. 

candied rose + pistachio brownies // Glazed & Confused // #mywestelm

Candied Rose + Crushed Pistachio Brownies 

siiiiike! The recipe is on West Elm's Front and Main blog!