fat tuesdays

fat tuesdays: district donuts

Fat Tuesdays has risen from the dead! If you needed a refresher, Fat Tuesdays is a series I began during Mardi Gras to showcase some of the sweetest treats New Orleans has to offer. Or maybe I created it to excuse myself from eating too much sugar? Anyways...

This weekend, I FINALLY took an extra special trip to District Donuts, arguably New Orleans' latest sweet hotspot and one of the most exciting new additions to the city's sugar scene. I've been following District online for months and find myself salivating each morning when they Instagram their daily donut creations. I have even tasted two of their donuts outside of the store, but I refuse to count that as the official popping of my District cherry. 

I'm honestly embarrassed that it's taken this long to visit. Even Miley Cyrus went there before me! With that said, my first instinct was to order one of everything. I mean, hey, why not go all out? This was a momentous occasion! 

Five minutes later, I had two giant boxes of donuts in my hand. From there, it was off to the nearest booth to brace myself for what was about to come. I slowly peeled back the tape shielding me from my sweet nirvana. There they were, the circles of fried dough I had been lusting over for months. Time to dig in.

Clockwise from the top: Salted Caramel, Lucky Charms, Vietnamese Iced Coffee, Glazed, Brown Butter Pistachio, Coconut Cream.

Clockwise from the top: Salted Caramel, Lucky Charms, Vietnamese Iced Coffee, Glazed, Brown Butter Pistachio, Coconut Cream.

Glazed - So simple and delicious. One of my favorites solely for the reason that I could taste how good the actual donut was itself. 

Lucky Charms - Super super sweet — rot your teeth sweet!

Maple Bacon - I'm well over the whole bacon thing, but the maple glaze on this one made it one of my favorites! 

Salted Caramel - Salty salted caramel over a circle of fried dough. No brainer. Delicious. 

Brown Butter Pistachio - Hands down the best. Damn. 

Coconut Cream - I don't like cream donuts at all, but this one changed my mind. Perfectly balanced flavor. Not too coconut(ty?) if you're one of those people that hates coconut. 

Vietnamese Iced Coffee - Coffee is not my thing at all. My friend Ashley disagrees. 

Wedding Cake - Save this one for last. All of the glaze put my in almond extract heaven. 

District's donut selection changes daily, giving me the perfect excuse to go back and absurd amount of times in the near future. In addition to donuts, District offers up signature sliders, lots of beer, super tempting waffle fries, and Dole Whip. DOLE. WHIP. If y'all didn't know, Dole Whip is one of my favorite desserts ever. Call me basic, but I just love me some pineapple soft serve. The realization that I can now readily satisfy my Dole Whip cravings without a trip to Disney World or the Dole Plantation in Hawaii was a truly momentous occasion.

Go here. Immediately

District Donuts is located in the Lower Garden District at 2209 Magazine St. 


Fat Tuesdays: an Apple & Goat Cheese King Cake


Yep, you read that right.  

First of all, I am absolutely thrilled about the success of last week's Sucre king cake giveaway. The contest received a total of 350 entries and I could tell that some of you are really itching to win! I would also like to welcome all of my new followers and thank every single one of you who entered! The winner will be notified today and your cake will be off to you in no time. I'll make sure to do some more giveaways in the future! ;) 


Now back to this week's king cake! I'm sure that some of my fellow Louisianan's may be flinching that their favorite cinnamon-y dessert is getting stuffed with apples and goat cheese. Blasphemy right? When I brought up the idea of picking up one of these bad boys on my way home from school, she texted me, "Sounds gross but if you want it for the blog..." Yeah, I won that decision. 

I'm going to lie, even though I have received many different tips about how good this king cake was, I was a bit hesitant to make the purchase. With only one week left before Mardi Gras Day and the death of king cake season (*tear*), I swallowed my fear and made a detour from my commute to Steve Himlefarb's Marigny outpost, Cake Cafe. 

Great decision. When I took my first bite, any bit of uneasiness immediately left my body. Their cake was perfectly sweet and the filling — oh my. I don't like goat cheese, but this combination just worked. That familiar slight tang of chevre that I despise was lessened by the sweetness of the apples throughout. My only qualm is that it could of been just a tad moister. Definitely worth the try!  

Photo by  L ulun & Kame. 

Photo by Lulun & Kame. 

Cake Cafe offers a selection of king cakes, including the famed apple & goat cheese, raspberry cream cheese, traditional, and straight up cream cheese. Cake Cafe is located in the Marigny at 2440 Chartres St. 

Fat Tuesdays: Sucre King Cake Giveaway


Fat Tuesday is back again this week, here to highlight yet another great Mardi Gras treat from across New Orleans. Today marks only two more weeks until Mardi Gras Day! Most of all, I cannot wait to be out of school for a whole week. I'm essentially blogging via the grave right now because of my midterms. 


On a sweeter note, I picked up one of my absolute favorite King Cakes to share with you guys! This beauty comes straight from New Orleans' own sugar mecca, Sucre. Between their wide selection of macarons, gelatos, chocolates, and desserts, it should come as no surprise that Sucre is one of my absolutely favorite spots in the whole city. There's nothing better than stopping by late on a Friday or Saturday night to get my sugar fix.


First of all, this King Cake is definitely the most beautiful one I've ever seen. Seriously, it looks like I probably shouldn't be eating it. So glittery! If that isn't enough to lure you in, it's out of this world delicious. Chef Tariq Hanna puts his own spin on the traditional king cake by taking a handmade buttery Danish dough flavored with cinnamon and raw cane sugar, filling it with creole cream cheese, and then topping it all off in a sugar glaze and purple, green, and gold glitter. Pop it in the microwave for 10 seconds and viola! So crave-worthy that I've had a piece three weekends in a row now! 


Now here's the fun part! I want to share one of Sucre's delicious King Cakes with you guys, so I'm giving one away! You can enter below and there are plenty of ways to rack up entries from commenting to liking my Facebook page. The contest will last through Sunday, so make sure to enter. The winner will receive one of these delicious king cakes, shipped directly to you from Sucre New Orleans — good luck!