#travelgrams: Atlanta

This weekend I roadtripped from New Orleans to Atlanta for a music festival and it was an absolute blast. 

Let's recap the weekend insta-style: 

I totally ignored the speed limit and high-tailed it through Alabama. I usually don't like to make stops and drag out the trip, but I just had to visit Priester's Pecans, a giant pecan factory/store/utopia that's literally in the middle of nowhere. 

I went to Music Midtown at Piedmont Park and it was SO SO FUN. Pretty much my first music festival ever, if you don't count that time I had mono and went to Jazz Fest for two hours because my insides started boiling alive and I suffered a nasty reaction to amoxicillin. 

This experience was much better. I twerked to Iggy Azalea (I debated on embedding the video(s) of this in here, but decided against it), saw Lorde do that convulsing dance thing she does when she performs (it was amazing), watched Lana Del Rey's set from the top of a ferris wheel looking over the park, drank some really watered down vodka lemonades, and ate lots of delicious things from food trucks. Simply put, it was amazing. 

This is going to sound weird coming from a self-proclaimed professional sugar addict, but I don't like cupcakes. Every time I have one, I always end up wishing I had a slice in three-layer form. The cupcake explosion of the late 2000s never really caught on with me, but Sprinkles owns a big piece of real estate in my heart. Whenever I have the pleasure of visiting a city with a Sprinkles, I order a couple of vanilla vanilla and red velvet cupcakes. 

I've been dying to try Sprinkles Ice Cream for a while now, and Atlanta is the first city I've been to with a scoop shop since they've launched the concept in 2012. This is v important. I indulged in a Cap'n Crunch ice cream, topped with my favorite vanilla cupcake (of course!). This ice cream, y'all.... this is where it's at. I'm looking into ordering a couple pints of this stuff ASAP because the flavor is out of this world. 

As if eating half a pizza wasn't enough of a calorie overload, we then walked (#health) to Jeni's Ice Cream at Westside Provisions so I could actually experience the perfection that is Jeni's outside of the the usual pints I buy at the store or the recipes I've made from her wonderful cookbooks. 

After waiting in line for twenty minutes (sorry Connor and Sean), the worked seemed to get the memo about my sugar addiction and they gave me a sample of every. single. flavor. That's whats up. 

After a lengthy decision, I decided to go with a trio of the Bangkok Peanut (pb + cayenne, hello), Brown Butter Almond Brittle (yaaaas), and Sweet Cream Biscuits & Peach Jam (foodgasm) with salty graham gravel. Jeni Britton Bauer, you're officially my hero. 

I ended my trip on Sunday morning by wasting $40 on a ticket to the Georgia Aquarium and all I got was this iPhone picture of some jellyfish. Angered, I sped home and jammed out to my "Club Mix 97" album I bought for two dollars at a thrift store. (Can we talk about this jam?)

Despite my air conditioner breaking right before the last two hours of the drive, I made it home from my crazy weekend in one piece! I've got a crazy busy two weeks ahead of me, full of lots of desserts, photo shoots, even more concerts, and planning a crazy eventful trip to New York. I've got some super fun posts coming in the next week, so keep your eyes out!