Hello! Is anybody home? 

After waking up at 5 am and driving straight to school for my (almost) last classes of the semester, I am finally back home from my long weekend in Florida at the beach. 

My much-needed break from school was full of lots of relaxing, running on the beach, burning to death in the sun, unsuccessful shopping attempts, suppressing my desire/need to bake, and lots of delicious food. Oh, and a beach wedding. 

Take a look at my vacation insta style:

photo 3 (2).jpg
photo 4 (1).jpg

Sidenote: Um, how adorable is this soda fountain in Rosemary Beach? Rose Bros. is part-artisanal coffee shop/part-soda fountain (hello?) serving up Southern Craft Creamery's amazing selection of handcrafted ice creams. I went to TOWN on a scoop of the roasted banana and salted peanut. 

I have lots of extra special recipes and features planned for the next few weeks, so get your forks out!